Monday, April 20, 2009

Upcoming Summary: Star Trek (2009)

Here's some stats for Star Trek from 4/13/09 - 4/18/09:
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Overall W-Score
3 stars out of 5

Reception & Perception
  • Overall, critics love this movie, with an average score of about 98%
  • Regular commentators on the web liked it significantly less, with an average score of about 45%
  • Those who voted online gave it about 80%
Specific Attributes
  • People expect to really enjoy the scenes
  • They also expect most other attributes (performance, story, entertainment, production) to only be average
Oh sh**. The theater's owner runs to the projection room to see what's up and asks the writers to fill time while he fixes the problem. They answer a few questions and a man comes up the stairs wearing a hat and coat and carrying a film canister... it's... LEONARD NIMOY.

Leonard asks "Why not show the 10 minutes of new footage while we're waiting?" And then it happens...

He talks about how the film is premiering in Australia in just a few hours and that... “JJ made a good movie, why only show 10 minutes of it?” He asked "Who wants to only see 10 minutes of the movie?" to silence then "Who wants to watch the whole thing?" The crowd naturally goes wild with geek bliss, cheers, and howls. My neighbor destroyed her beer glass she was so excited.

The brand new Star Trek comes onto the screen.

Best film experience of my life, bar none.

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