Thursday, April 23, 2009

Performance Summary: Earth

Here's some stats for Earth from 4/16/09 - 4/22/09:
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Overall W-Score
2 stars out of 5

Reception & Perception
  • Overall, critics are neutral, with an average rating of about 50%
  • Regular commentators on the web liked it better, with an average score of about 60%
  • Those who voted online really liked it, giving it about a 75% rating.
Specific Attributes
  • People thought the story really resonated with them.
  • There is a negative feelings around many aspects of the movie, including entertainment level, production quality, and performances.
I have to admit to being quite excited about the new movie. I wanted to see this movie this weekend but I may have to go alone! (My family has the nerve to have other plans.) The trailers, on my first page about Disney’s Earth movie are absolutely amazing. I have not seen the Planet Earth series although it appears on the Top 10 Blu-ray Movies list and is on my must-see list so I do not have to worry about having seen any of the Earth film before.
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