Thursday, April 23, 2009

Performance Summary: 17 Again

Here's some stats for 17 Again from 4/16/09 - 4/22/09:
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Overall W-Score
4 stars out of 5

Reception & Perception
  • Overall, critics liked the movie, with an average rating of about 60%
  • Regular commentators on the web liked it less, with an average score of about 40%
  • Those who voted online really liked it, giving it about a 70% rating.
Specific Attributes
  • People talk highly of the production quality
  • There is a lot of negative feelings around conversations about the entertainment level and emotions.
To me, the film resembled a teen high school version of the popular syndicated sitcom “Friends,” because both have the same rather eccentric jokes and inappropriate situations which become more comfortable after a slight ruckus. The scenes of Efron trying to convince his teen kids to change are rather amusing as is the moment when he is caught romancing his older wife, as a teenager. But it is still a nice enough laugh full of traditional family values and the right tone -without overdoing the whole silly twist .

Mathew Perry is deplorable which proves that Friends didn’t do much for him. Therefore, 17 Again would be a very boring movie if not for Thomas Lennon, who plays a rich eccentric with a passion for movie characters, making you laugh once in a while. Other than that, this film is another failed attempt to bring a jaded audience to moments of joy and enlightenment.
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