Thursday, April 30, 2009

Case Study: Observe & Report

WiseWindow has released a case study on Observe & Report:
sources: Observe & Report Case Study

Reception & Perception
  • Maximum daily volume was 554 opinions
  • Volume climbed 33x in less than 2 weeks prior to release
  • Daily volume is steadily declining - a question of sustainability of viewership through home entertainment
Discovered Conversation Topics
  • Observe & Report is frequently being compared to a comedic version of Scorsese's Taxi Driver.
  • There is high controversy over the "date rape" scene.
Passions & Likability
  • Story Resonance: Likability dropped from Med to Low - Expectations about the resonance of the story were not met.
  • Production Quality: Both passion & likability remained consistent. Expectations were perfectly matched.
  • Performance Delivered: Passion & likability dropped - Expectations were not met, but less prominent than other attributes of the movie.

This data is only for the specified period. For current updates, follow me on twitter, check out wiseflicks, or check flicktrends.

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