Monday, May 4, 2009

Next Day Air only has 1 stars!

Here's some stats for Next Day Air from 4/28/09 - 5/4/09:
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Overall W-Score
1 stars out of 5

Reception & Perception
  • So far, regular commentators on the web expect it to be below average with about a 20% rating
  • Voters online also expect to to do be much better than average with a rating of about 85%
Specific Attributes
  • The most prominent attribute in conversations about the movie is the production quality.

So while im at home, ducking and dodging that Hamthrax (that swine flu), im doing my random google/youtube thing, and see the movie premiere for Next Day Air. Having been waiting for this movie for about a month now, i dare one of yall to tell me that this aint goin be funny. I even asked the bootleg man if he had that. Of course he didnt tho, they never have the GOOD ones…

Critic Perspectives
a rare type of disaster... putrid
Sean O'Connell

Next Day Air is a bloody screwball comedy, a film of high spirits. It tells a complicated story with acute timing and clarity, and gives us drug-dealing lowlifes who are almost poetic in their clockwork dialogue.
Roger Ebert

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