Friday, May 15, 2009

Case Study: Fighting

WiseWindow has released a case study on Fighting:
source: Fighting Case Study

Reception & Perception
  • Maximum daily volume was 174 opinions
  • Volume climbed 14x in less than 2 weeks prior to release
  • Daily volume has since died after release
Discovered Conversation Topics
  • Viewers complain over actors "mumbling" their dialog
  • Viewers also strongly noticed the protagonist selling counterfeit "Harry Potter' books.
Passions & Likability
  • Story Resonance: Passion dropped, but likeability stayed the same. Expectations were met, but weren’t as prominent for the film as previously thought.
  • Production Quality: Both passion & likability dropped. Expectations were not met, but less than anticipated.
  • Performance Delivered: Likeability dropped, but passion stayed the same. Expectations were not met and was noticed.

This data is only for the specified period. For current updates, follow me on twitter, check out wiseflicks, or check flicktrends.

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