Monday, June 1, 2009

Cameron Diaz- My sister's keeper

Here's some stats for My Sister's Keeper from 5/25/09 - 6/01/09:
sources: &

Overall W-Score
2 stars out of 5

Reception & Perception
  • Regular commentators on the web expect it to be good, with an average score of about 27%
  • Those who voted online really expect it to be the same, giving it about a 27% rating.
Specific Attributes
  • Levels of conversations for all attributes are low.

This doesn't come out until June (or July), but I saw the preview last night during commercials.

This is a movie based on the novel of the same name by Jodi Picoult, who is one of my favorite authors. I can't say much from the preview, except it seems mis-cast. The girl from Miss Sunshine plays the lead character, and it looked like the oldest daughter from Medium plays her sister, and they may fit. However, Alec Baldwin plays the attorney. Sure, attorneys are slick, and Alec fits that (always has) but the attorney in MSK isn't slick in the traditional sense. And Cameron Diaz, who plays the mother, seems too bubbly and carefree for the subject matter. The book is anything but bubbly, and I don't know if Diaz has the depth.

I hope I'm wrong. It's a great book, and I'd like it to translate into a great film. The last couple of attempts at Picoult novels haven't been very good at all.


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